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Transforming Risk Management Operations


We understand reducing insurance utilization is the only time-tested way to effectively drive down costs. That’s why we pioneered The Prime Process (P2RIME®), our proven and repeatable method that seamlessly incorporates the six key components of a holistic risk management plan: Preparation/Prevention; Risk Transfer; Insurance; Mitigation; and Education.


Leveraging next-generation technology and data analytics, P2RIME® identifies weaknesses that increase risk, cost and overall insurance spend. For our clients with complex risk exposures, P2RIME® provides the peace of mind that their legacy, employees and bottom line are well-protected.


We understand there’s only one way to drive down insurance cost for the long-term:
Transform risk management operations to reduce insurance utilization.

How? Our unique proprietary approach… The P2RIME® Process.


The Power of P2RIME®

Insurance is not the answer – it’s the last line of defense. Let us show you how P2RIME® has unlocked untapped potential for our clients across diverse industries:

For Roux, a national leader in environmental remediation, in the first year of our partnership, through identifying insurance program deficiencies and enhancing coverage protections, we achieved:

  • Insurance costs cut by 22%
  • More than $200,000 in savings

We partnered with Madison Concrete, one of the largest concrete contractors in the country, to transform safety from a matter of compliance to an integral part of company culture. Over a four-year period:

  • Loss rates declined by 99%
  • Claims frequency per $100,000 of payroll down 64%

We worked with our long-term client Select Medical, a nationwide health care leader with 46,000 employees and more than 2,200 locations, to implement a data-driven approach to rooting out and targeting underperforming facilities. Through education and a laser focus on safety protocols and processes, since 2014 we have helped deliver:

  • 40% reduction in claims frequency
  • More than $31 million in estimated savings

Outsourced Risk Management

We are industry leaders in providing risk management solutions for your business needs.

Safety Services

Our in-house safety capabilities are a tremendous resource that help our clients impact the most significant driver of their insurance costs – losses.

Day-To-Day Account Management

From stewardship reports, to mid-term executive review meetings, to pre-renewal strategy discussions, Graham Company is always leveraging our personal and collective experience to positively impact our clients’ bottom lines.

Aggressive Claims Management

The mission of the Claims Services Department is to provide our clients with a superior level of technical and professional claim services which achieve the greatest impact on your insurance costs.



Unlike other insurance brokers, our Producers are also highly technical. Before any coverage proposals are made to you, our team will work with you to obtain the necessary information to understand your business and complete a risk management study, which we call our Survey and Analysis.

By asking the right questions and observing your business in action, our team works to uncover the gaps and inefficiencies in your current property and casualty coverages, evaluate your program’s structure and help identify opportunities for long-term savings. This service costs you nothing. It’s an investment in understanding your business.


At the same time, our Producers assemble the best team to ensure broad coverage and aggressive pricing is coupled with the right services. With consistent contact throughout the year, our teams are constantly analyzing your loss development, providing executive overviews and giving you advanced notice of renewal expectations.

Although our Producers are primarily responsible for new business development, they remain in leadership roles with their clients for the life of the relationship.

Account Management


With a multi-level service approach, Graham Company is uniquely positioned to address our clients’ highly complex insurance needs. As the industry landscape becomes broader and more intricate, we remain committed to providing you with the best options in the marketplace.

Graham Company provides each client with a dedicated Account Management Team to deliver value-added services tailored to your needs. These teams adhere to strict time frames and quality control procedures, providing you broad protection and cost-effective pricing.


CPAs, engineers, lawyers and more are all members of the Graham Account Management Team, applying their diverse backgrounds and skill sets for the benefit of each client.

From stewardship reports, to mid-term executive review meetings, to pre-renewal strategy discussions, Graham Company is always leveraging our personal and collective experience to positively impact our clients’ bottom lines

I have been working with Graham for 30 years and simply put, they have made us a better organization from a risk management and safety standpoint. They are our partner, not just because they have reduced our risk and cost, but because they have our backs covered – always have and always will regardless of what happens.”

Ross Myers, CEO, Allan Myers, Inc.

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